5 Tips to Get You Ready to Buy a Home

It's a HOT real estate market here in Western North Carolina and North Georgia.  Even if you are ready to pull the trigger on a new residential home, competition for property in this area is fierce and you have to be prepared to act quickly.  As an experienced real estate professionals, I am is here to help you get ahead of the competition and land the home of your dreams.   Let's go over some tips for Buying BIG!
1.  GET PRE-APPROVED.   If you need a mortgage, let's find out first what you qualify for.  A quick mini-application process will give you a rough idea of the amount a lender will lend you so you know up front how much you can spend.  This narrows down your search, and in the eyes of the Seller, you become a very desirable "cash" buyer, giving you the advantage over other Buyers whose financing is uncertain.  BIG Realty! is happy to refer you to reputable lenders in the area that can assist you in this process.
2.  JUMP ON THE NEW LISTINGS.  Now that we know how much you have to spend, BIG Realty! can talk you through your likes and dislikes, narrowing down the type of home that will suit you.  Then we regularly send you lists of matching properties as they hit the market.  Timing is key:  when you see that perfect home, be ready to jump!
3.  RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.  Investigate the value of local properties, learn the local price points.  Drive the areas and decide which are most attractive to you.   Then BIG Realty! will add our knowledge of hot neighborhoods, hot bargains, and hot home features.
4.   ADD THE PERSONAL TOUCH AND LET THEM KNOW YOU MEAN BUSINESS!  Once you have found that perfect home, you want to make sure YOUR offer reaches the Seller quickly.  BIG Realty! can present your offer in person to the Selling Agent, and we make ourselves available to that agent for quick contact and reply to any questions.  We are here to move your offer to the top of the stack!  And nothing moves it faster than a fair good faith deposit.  The larger your deposit offer, the more the Seller notices!\
BIG Realty! can give you level-headed guidance.  Just because you LOVE the home does not mean you are willing to pay more than its worth!  You may have to offer something above the asking price, like points or closing costs; but you can also be flexible with closing dates and inspections.  Remember you may want to sell this home one day, and overpaying now will make it harder to recover the value when you sell.  Being a flexible Buyer goes a long way with a Seller.  Don't sweat the little repairs -- if the big picture looks good, focus on that!

Today's market requires experienced professional guidance. Big Frank and Lil Mary at BIG Realty! are here to offer you that guidance.  We will jump start your pre-approval process, find you the perfect property to fit your wants and needs, and negotiate the best deal on that property.   And you can say that you survived the HOT Market and still found your dream home at a dream price.  Call BIG Frank 828-837-0991 or Lil Mary 828-557-0273 today and get the process started!

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